Need of Today - Availability of genuine Alphonso mango suppliers...


Being a Hapoos [or Hapus] mango farmer it is pinching experience for us that many of the farmers are running behind race of high rate and false felicitation of early production, and use to harvest less mature mangoes just for being prime and early seller…

Many sellers are mixing Karnatak/Keral or Balasad mango with real Alphonso mango and cheating in name of authentic alphonso/Hapus…

This practice is increasing day by day and quality of king of mangoes – Alphonso is going down. Use of chemical fertilizers and life-threatening pesticides is increasing, and hence people are in search of authentic and pure Alphonso Mango producers like Anand Quality Alphonso


Why Anand quality alphonso

GI certification
GI certified Alphonso mangoes
Never used any chemical fertilizer in last 40-50 yrs
Free from calcium carbide in ripening
Graded by size but sold by weight (see video)
Handy packaging
Used Homeopathic medicines for maintaining general health of trees

Since 1970 we started B to C business of well ripened, fully matured Original Alphonso [Hapoos] mangoes directly from our farm to end customers at Pune and Mumbai. We went on reducing our packing size to make it handy for our each and every customer.

Primarily our idea is to produce poison free / residue free alphonso mangoes.

We are one of the few sellers who are grading alphonso mango by size but selling it by weight.

Our every box uses to be of same weight.

As size goes down, number of fruits increases.

We are here to serve you

Purchase at local co-ordinator

Presently available at Pune, Mumbai, Nashik etc

Online purchase through courier service

Directly from our farm to your home